The Old Town Harbour

Old Town's main port

The Old Town Harbour is well known as a part of the 15th century fortification and once acted as a hub for Dubrovnik’s trading fleet from all over ther world. Today, the harbour is mostly used mostly by local fishermen and as a dock for charming replicas of the argosies and galleons. The Old Town Harbour gives a first strong image for any visitor coming from the sea, especially for those from cruise ships anchored directly to the Old Town. The most dominant part of the Harbour is the fort of St John which once served as a guardian against pirates and other enemy ships. The fort is the first quadrangular pier tower built in 1346 in order to protect the city harbour.

The harbour is the home of the beloved local jetties Kaše and Porporela – both have been restaurated several times.

At he foot of St John fort is a massive pier with a lighthouse locally known as Porporela. A favorite place for lovers, beautiful promenade in sunset and a bathing place for locals.

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