St. Mark’s Church

One of the oldest religious buildings in Zagreb

It was built in 13th and 14th century, and renewed and in 19th and 20th century. Its walls are painted by famous painter Jozo Kljaković, and statues of renowned sculptor Ivan Meštrović are some of most impressive items that are held inside. During the years it has seen many reconstructions due to natural and environmental factors.

The most beautiful part of church is the south portal that dates from the beginning of the 15th century, ornamented with numerous stone and wooden sculptures in gothic and baroque style. Another notable item is beautiful organ that dates back in 1890.

Roof displays Croatian, Dalmatian and Slavonian coats of arms and city emblem of Zagreb, very recognizable and often presented on many Croatian souvenirs.

Among Croatian people St Mark’s church and St Mark’s square are usually connected with government and political speeches, because the main government building is located at the very same place.

Zagreb’s Upper Town is maybe the most beautiful part of the city where the atmosphere takes you somewhere back in time when the chariots were passing by on their way to mass or main square, and this mystic ambient that is felt especially in cold winter nights is a true delight. It is all close enough to take a nice walk, so grab your fanciest suit, leave your cell at apartment and start discovering these stone streets.

Trg Svetog Marka 5
Zagreb 10000 City of Zagreb HR
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