Park Forest Maksimir

A big public park in Zagreb

Park-forest Maksimir is Zagreb’s biggest green area and its oldest public park. It is also a name of the whole city neighbourhood Maksimir and stadium of football club Dinamo Zagreb.

Park-forest Maksimir was opened in 1794. by bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac as was first of a kind in south-east Europe. Thought it is surrounded by buildings and other urban surfaces, it still leaves impression of true natural reserve. It has rich architecture and well preserved flora and fauna, as well as five beautiful lakes, some of them natural and other artificial. It is home for large number of animal and plant species that coexist together in this small but functional eco-system.

Maksimir park is the favourite recreational spot for thousands of Zagreb’s citizens, with 316ha of open space. On a nice day it is gathering place for families, friends, musicians and other artists. You will often see a painter with canvas somewhere around, handmade souvenirs stands, joggers, musicians and animal lovers.

Another interesting place to visit when in Maksimir is definitely the Zagreb’s ZOO, and if you wish to take a tram ride to here catch numbers 4, 5, 7, 11 and 12 on stations Maksimir and Bukovačka. We recommend.

Maksimirski perivoj
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