Hokus Okus

A must try chicken kebab restaurant

Hokus Okus was created in Osijek in 2013. It is rapidly growing Croatian brand. Our products have magic taste and because of that, we named our products by some of the greatest magicians and illusionists in the world.

We try hard that every guest experiences the “magic taste”. The meat we use for making kebabs is exclusively chicken which is purchased from growers in Slavonia (our partners) generating a constant freshness.

We use 100% fresh chicken. We use the original and authentic marinade and “Rule 5 of Spices “. The meat is thoroughly marinated in a period of 12 hours, which is based on acids and that is why the meat is still juicy, tender and tasty. The special flavor of the meat is achieved by adding the onions and garlic and spices from the kitchen from the Far East such as cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, piment and oregano. For marinade we use only the highest quality fresh homemade pepper purchased from our distributors (partners) in Slavonia. Pitta Bread is an essential part of the Arab / Syrian / Turkish cuisine. The soft hollow bread is prepared with wheat flour. Treated with caution in a long process and baked at high temperatures of 250 degrees celsius, at which the dough becomes hollow inside. “Pitta Bread” was made by local bakery and with our vision that ultimately contributes to “Magic Taste” of our products. Our dips have a special role in taste. Made by the original recipe, we offer two main sauce Beyaz, gives a refreshing note especially spicy dishes with pounded or ground pepper and Kirmizi sauce, Turkish sauce based on tomatoes and oregano, spicy and peppery with a special character.

Our Beyaz and Kirmizi sauce have an essential part in our products. Our offer: Blaine Tortilla, Dynamo Tortilla, Houdini Kebab, Mac King Salad, Rick Jay salad, Criss Angel Fries, and Burton Nuggets. We don’t only sell products but would like to provide a special experience for all who give us a chance. Our brand is made from family to family, and that’s it’s all power.

Our franchise way of doing business allows us that maybe one day we come to your city and introduce you with Magic Taste.

Contact: hokusokus.zagreb@gmail.com

Maksimirska cesta 30
Zagreb 10000 HR
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