If you can imagine the best place for holidays or life in general, that would probably be a place where people are predestined to hedonism by birth. No need to flirt with your imagination anymore when a place like this actually exists.


Split is located in the peaceful bay of the Adriatic Sea, at the location that, according to number of sunny days, takes the fifth place after Aswan, Tucson, Hvar and Dubrovnik. Split was born as an ancient Roman luxury villa, a leisure palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian, the first politician in history who on the very 1st of May abdicated from his career and gave up the benefits of his throne for the fruits of his private garden. Split is also a place where the biggest sandy beach is within ten minutes walking distance from the historical town center and where the local football stadium has been designed in a shape of a sea shell. A town that got its name after a flower certainly deserves to be a place where beauty is a must. Just take a look at the women living here and you will easily agree upon it. We’re not joking, seriously take a look around…

All these features gave enough credit to 180.000 inhabitants of Split to enjoy life here like if there were on a holiday every day. As the second biggest town in Croatia Split became the administrative center and the capital of province of Dalmatia, the biggest Croatian coastal region, and a birth place of homonymous world famous dog (The “Dalmatian”). With its annual turnover of three million passengers and half a million of vehicles, the port of Split is the busiest port in the Mediterranean (after Naples and Piraeus). Easily reachable by car, air, sea or train Split will make you enjoy every moment of your stay.

If you believe you are ready to take the burden of hedonism, then you will definitely admit that Split really is the second important town, but not second in Croatia, but simply second to none.


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