MY SPLIT: Ivan Burazin

A local entrepreneurs shares his story on Split...

Starting with this blog post – we’re presenting a new regular addition to our Split blog, a series called “MY SPLIT” that will feature interviews with local entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and other exceptional individuals that will share their insider tips on Split and how to experience the best of its offer.


For the first edition of “MY SPLIT” we have a young, but very successful entrepreneur Ivan Burazin who shared with us a part of his business story (Codeanywhere & SHIFT Conference) and revealed why he decided to start his business in Split.

Ivan, could you please tell us something about yourself?

I guess you could call me an Entrepreneur, that would probably be the best description of me.

You run a very successful (cloud) coding startup – Codeanywhere, how did you come up with that idea?
The idea came from my co-founder, he did a lot of freelance web development. He never liked being tied down to one machine or location, and having a lot of clients with inquiries at random time made that a necessity. So he decided to search for a cloud code editor, so that he could do his work wherever he may be.

If did freelancing work myself when I was younger so I knew that “pain” and the instant he showed me the idea I was in.

You were born in Canada, but you have based your startup in Split. Why?

Yes, born and raised as they say. My parents brought me and my younger brothers to Split, Croatia when I was 14. I was too young to have a say in the matter so that was that. I went to high school in Split and got my bachelor’s degree in information technology here as well.

Started my first company before I actually finished school, and really fell in love with the place, that’s really why I never left afterwards.

We hear Split’s startup scene is booming, is it fair to say you guys are trying to create a small “Silicon Valley” on the Dalmatian coast?

There are more and more companies starting in the region, but there are a lot more international events as well, from our Shift Conference, to WordCamp and many others. It is far from Silicon Valley, but we have a vibrant community that is growing.

For the past couple of years Split is becoming a super popular tourist destination, do you notice that in your everyday life?

Absolutely, the entire city has flourished, and not just in IT, but restaurants, bars, clubs, theater, shows, stores, everything has just become better in the city because of it. I really hope this trend continues and can’t wait to see how the city evolves in the next few years.

Can you give us  an insider tip on something cool to visit and/or see in Split?

It really depends on what type of person you are, I have a long list for different people. But one thing is in general, come to the city, stay in the center, and let yourself get lost, it’s just great fun.

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