Peristil Square

The only square inside the Diocletian Palace

Walking out of the cellars of the Diocletian Palace, the sunlight will hit you at the crossroad of  two main ancient streets; Cardo and Decumanus.

It is the place of the ancient Forum Romanum, the only square inside the palace, known as Peristil, as for the columns surrounding it. The columns were brought from Egypt by Diocletian himself, along with the sphinx that had decorative function.

Protiron, the beautiful, monumental entrance of the emperors apartment became the light motif of every photo of Split. From the small balcony at the entrance, Diocletian greeted people in the square, that bowed before him in the prostration (lying with the full body on the floor). It was the obligatory ceremony that expressed worshiping of the person on the level of God.

Peristil ulica
Split 21000 Splitsko-dalmatinska županija HR
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