Guide to buying a house or an apartment in Split

Prices and advice on buying real estate in Split


So, you want to buy an apartment or a house in Split? Mild Mediterranean climate with lots of sun, amazing food and relatevely low costs of living make Split a great city to live in.

So, here is what you need to know if you plan to buy a real estate in Split..

The experts over at Crozilla (a popular real-estate portal in Croatia) tell us that the average apartment price per square meter in August 2016 was 2210 EUR ($2500). It’s not exactly cheap, but hey, Split is not just any city. If you don’t really care about the location of your future apartment and you’re willing to spend more money on refurbishing the place – you can find apartments for as low as 1000 EUR ($1150) per square meter.

If luxury is what you’re looking for – be prepared to pay up to 7000 EUR ($7900) per square meter for an ultra-luxury penthouse apartment.

If you need more space – a house could be what you’re looking for with the average price of 2017 EUR ($2270) per square meter. You can find a decent house for sale for 100.000 EUR ($113.000) or less, but have in mind the location is usually outside of the city.

For more money you can basically get just what you want. Split is full of amazing traditional Mediterranean houses that can be fully renovated so they keep the tradition on the outside and modernness on the inside.

You can contact a good real-estate agent in Split who can help you find what you really need and sort out all the necessary paper work for you.

Or just head over to Crozilla and browse all the advertised apartments and houses in Split.


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