St. Michael’s Fortress

A medieval fortress in Sibenik

Zhe Medieval St. Michael’s Fortress is definitely a must-see in Šibenik. It was erected on a sixty meters high and steep rocky hill that dominates the surrounding waters. Under its walls, Šibenik evolved – the oldest native Croatian town on the Adriatic. It was first mentioned on Christmas in 1066, as the place where the Croatian king Petar Krešimir IV and his courtly retinue resided.

The Fortress is located on a strategically extremely favourable position, halfway between the antique centres Zadar and Split, in the protected mouth of the Krka river and near all important transportation roads in Dalmatia. St. Michael’s Fortress is of paramount importance for the history and urban development of Šibenik. It was originally built as a lookout of the Šibenik bay and the mouth of the Krka river, and as a refuge for the surrounding population. During the medieval times, the Fortress became a source point of the defence fortification system of walls and fortresses of Šibenik. The Fortress owes its name to the Church of St. Michael, which was located within its walls since the 12th century. The church has not been preserved, but the Fortress kept the name of the saint, who became the patron of Šibenik very early.

St. Michael’s Fortress is a recognizable symbol of the city of Šibenik, and as such, together with the entire fortification system, it bears great cultural-historical and spatial-urban significance and represents significant architectural heritage of Dalmatia and Croatia.

Source: St. Michael’s Fortress

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