Vlaho Bukovac House

The birth house of the most famous Croatian painter

The birth house of Vlaho Bukovac, one of the most famous Croatian painters and the forefather of the Croatian modern painting, has been made available for public since May 2004, after a ten-year break and a thorough three-year reconstruction.

The monumental features of the Bukovac House are not only its architecture, garden space and the location in the very heart of the town, but above all, it is the legacy of the name of the great artist, his artistic heritage and the heritage of his family’s history.

The arrangement of space shows it to be a typical Dalmatian 19th century bourgeois house: stone-built, two-storey building with a central court-yard (korto) and a spacious back garden. Particularly interesting are the newly discovered wall paintings which cover the old walls in the eastern part of the house, made by the young Bukovac before leaving to Paris.

In what used to be the living room (tinel) and the painter’s studio, there are about thirty paintings displayed, along with a part of the furniture collection, everyday and personal items from the time of Vlaho Bukovac.

The ground floor constitutes a separate exhibition space where modern art exhibitions are regularly organized.

Source: Cavtat Tourist Board

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