Any part of the Dalmatian coast is really fascinating, but Dubrovnik itself can be easily put as the trademark for fascination. Peaceful and small, a favorite destination with tons of hidden corners, amazingly long tradition, heritage and the natural perfume of the sea and sun which all together combine as an unique flavor in every traveler’s memories.

Imagine you are in the supermarket, and you want to get that “two for price of one” deal, so when you put that deal in the travel aspect you definitely need to visit Dubrovnik. Even a single day in Dubrovnik will have you participate in a stimulating and inspirational dialogue between the past and the present. Believe it or not, the Old Town Dubrovnik is not built for a movie set – it is real! People do live inside the city walls, they eat, sleep and have everyday’s life. The only difference is that they see that beauty harmony for their whole life, so yeah, maybe they do actually live inside the movie scene in which every visitor wants to be a part of.

The city itself was established in the 7th century with its golden era in the time of Republic of Ragusa (or Republic of Dubrovnik) and now as a vivid place in modern age it’s a worth your admiration. Well known aristocrat society of the Republic of Ragusa brought a great number of renowned citizens of Dubrovnik: from painters, poets to comedians along with the renaissance gardens, summer residences, monuments which even today remain available for everyone to enjoy in.

Intact city walls, 1940 meters encircling the city with a series of forts, bastions, casemates, towers, forts and churches, promenades, streets, cozy coffee bars, stores inside the city walls all colored with orange roofs remain safe because of St. Blaise, the protector of Dubrovnik. At least according to an ancient legend.

August brings the world renowned Dubrovnik Summer Festival that helps turn historical settings into dream like scenes , Stradun the main street as a place to be seen, stairs all over the place to keep body in shape, loud and friendly locals to set up the right mood when needed or just any place or event that can easily become a photographer’s perfect shoot.

To put the whole picture together – Srđ hill is the way to go. Glorious views of he city and the surrounding area, with a fresh breeze in the hair and a view of a small town with an open heart full of pulsating charisma and many stories to tell.


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