Srđ Hill

Sensational view of Dubrovnik

The best place for none other than spectacular views of Dubrovnik and its surroundings. This 413 meter hill rises northward from Dubrovnik. It’s top is reachable by both winding trails and the cable car.

On the top of Srđ lies  the Fort Imperial, a fortress built by Napoleon at the beginning of the 19th century. The fortress played a major defensive role during Croatia’s war for independence from 1991 – 1995.

Fort Imperial today houses a museum of War for Independence with fascinating details about the recent events together with an extensive exibition of weapons and shells which were used during the siege of Dubrovnik.

Right next to the fort is located a huge stone cross, a replica of the old 1933 cross that was destroyed during the war.

Srđ is a must see place for travelers, tourists and especially photographers who want to witness the breathtaking panoramic views of Dubrovnik.

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