Pizzeria Baracuda

The oldest pizzeria in Dubrovnik

Pizzeria Baracuda has found its residence in Old Town of Dubrovnik long way back in 1979.

It is located in Nikola Božidarević’s street which is connected vertically to the main street Stradun just about the middle, and between three notable religion sites: Catholic chapel of Saint Joseph from one side, as well as Orthodox church and Islamic Centre from the other.

During all these years and through constant improvement in customer relationships, interior and exterior of pizzeria has not been changed at all, while the kitchen and complete food and beverages section has been modernized.

Since the early beginnings the original recipe for Baracuda’s pizza has not been changed, while the spaghetti and lasagnas are made of premium Italian Barilla pasta.

Salads, also on menu, are made of fresh vegetables that is grown 100% natural by families in domestic gardens around Dubrovnik, in best possible soil for agriculture.

Cold dishes are made of carefully chosen Croatian products, such as Dalmatian and Istrian smoked ham, bacon(pancetta), premium cheeses, marinated and salty anchovies, as well as
domestic black and green olives, all together spiced with natural and domestic olive oil.

Museums, art galleries, historical sites, and oldest pizzeria in Dubrovnik will surely get a special place in your memories, to remind you of one fantastic holiday in Dubrovnik.

Pizzeria Baracuda wishes you a great stay in Dubrovnik…enjoy your meal! (Dobar tek!)

Ulica Nikole Božidarevića 10
Dubrovnik 20000 Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija HR
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