Fort Minčeta

Old Dubrovnik's last line of defence

Located at the highest point of the city walls (on the north side), fortress Minčeta protected the old city Dubrovnik from the northern and western enemy attacks.

The fort was originally built in 1319 and was rebuilt and upgraded several times. During its active service Minčeta was armed with nine powerful cannons and with one mega-cannon, made of out bronze by the famous local master, Ivan Rabljanin.

The name Minčeta is connected to the Menčetić family who owned the land this powerful fortress was built upon.

The most reckognizable center part of the fortress, the “crown”, was added in the late 15th century by the architect Juraj of Dalmatia from the city of Zadar.

As in the old times, fort Minčeta today stands well above the rest of the old city Dubrovnik and proudly tells the story of the unconquerable city on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.

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