Dubrovnik Synagogue

The second oldest synagogue in Europe

A very interesting info – Dubrovnik Synagogue is the oldest Sephardi Synagogue in the world and the second oldest Synagogue in Europe which is still in use today.

In early 15h Century Dubrovnik’s Senate allowed Jews to settle in Dubrovnik and they build a strong community that will lead to the establishment of the Dubrovnik Synagogue in 1546.

Partition separating the women’s gallery was added in the 18th century. Same time Dubrovnik Synagogue size was increased and main problem with seating places was solved. From that time it was enough place to make weddings ceremony inside. In the middle of the oblong central hall there is a wall with three arches, which divides in two the wooden fenced Bimah.

The Holy Ark holds Torah scrolls which had been brought by the exiles from Spain. On the steps leading to the Ark is a Moorish carpet of the 13th century. The carpet is said to have been a gift given to a Jewish doctor by Queen Isabella of Spain. Ceiling is decorated with stucco relieves, painted sky blue with golden stars. Chandeliers of the 19th century, in the Florentine style, hang from the ceiling.

Žudioska ulica 5
Dubrovnik 20000 Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija HR
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