Dubrovnik is a favorite destination for anyone who wants to enjoy the uniqueness of the rich past and cultural heritage.


Republic of Ragusa

Dubrovnik (named after Dub – type of wood, name was officially adopted in 1918 atfer the fall of Austro-Hungarian Empire), was once know as the Republic of Ragusa, founded in the first half of the 7th century following the abandonment of ancient Epidaurum (Cavtat today). Ragusa was well know as a maritime and mercantile center of the Adriatic together with
Amalfi, Genoa, Venezia and other italian cities.

At that time Ragusa expanded its territory by purchasing land from Klek in the north to Sutorina at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor in the south, plus the islands of Lokrum, Mljet, Lastovo and Elaphite Islands. The Republic of Ragusa was well known by its wealth and skilled diplomay, so the small Republic achieved a high level of development during the 15th and 16th centuries. It even became the major rival to Venice in control of the Adriatic shipping lines.

The Republic gradually declined after a crisis in Mediterranean maritime in the 17th century, and the catastrophic earthquake of 1667 which killed over five thousand citizens, including the Rector of the Republic. In the 18th century Dubrovnik had an opportunity for the economic revival of maritime trade under a neutral flag. In the end, the famous french conqueror Napoleon dissolved the Republic in 1808.

Recent history of Dubrovnik

Following the Vienna Congress in 1815, the Dubrovnik region was joined to the other parts of Dalmatia and Croatia, since then, they have shared common political fate. In October of 1991 Dubrovnik was attacked by the Serbo-Montenegrian army, the attack that lasted for seven months. They aimed to defeat the entire region. The artillery attacks on Dubrovnik damaged 56 percent of its buildings to some degree. The danger of sudden attacks by the aggressor forces lasted until 1995.

Today, damage caused by the war is only visible by the more brightly colored new roofs of once destroyed houses inside the Old Town

Sponza Palace houses the Memorial Room with photographs of all Dubrovnik defenders who perished during the Croatian War of Independence.


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