A Perfect Summer Day at Banje Beach

The most amazing beach experience in Dubrovnik


If you ask 100 people in Dubrovnik – hey, what’s the best local beach? Probably 95 of them would answer – Banje Beach! The iconic pebble & sandy beach located just a few minutes outside the Old Town with spectacular views of the city walls and the nearby island of Lokrum is probably one of the most photographed places in Dubrovnik.

And once you arrive at the beach it’s not hard to figure out why everyone is one their phones taking selfies on this magnificent beach in Dubrovnik. Just check your Instagram and you’ll see tons of amazing photos from Banje Beach.

Crystal clear water and tons of beautiful people anywhere you look (we’re totally serious, check you Instagram ASAP) are a great invitation to Banje, but that’s not all.


While the beach is a public one, so a lot of locals use it everyday, it’s also a home of the Banje Beach restaurant, lounge and club. It’s a unique beach club combining a great Mediterranean style restaurant with a separate lounge area that is very reminiscent of similar locations on Ibiza. The restaurant managers tell us they have great pride in the food they bring to the guests’ tables because its ingredients are mostly locally grown and produced. The wine list is also very extensive and can be a great start to exploring the Croatian wine scene.


The lounge part has been fully refurbished and now includes two large bars with big selection of anyone’s popular drinks. Pro tip – they make awesome cocktails! An entire “army” of waiters dressed in white is at your service and it’s fascinating just watching them work – fast and mostly unnoticed.

The beach itself is divided into a public part and a VIP part. Don’t worry, the entrance is not expensive. The only thing you need to purchase is a day rental of a lounge chair and an umbrella. But trust us – it’s totally worth it.

Even though Banje Beach is a great daytime location, perfect for a day out at the beach, the real fun begins when the sun goes down and the whole place transforms into an amazing nightclub with some of the most talented DJs (a lot of great UK DJs) coming out here to play records for the people of Dubrovnik and their guests. So you can only do what’s the most reasonable thing to do after midnight – hit the dance floor and spend all those extra calories from all the delicious food you enjoyed for the last couple of days..


And after you get tired from showcasing your uber-cool dance moves  Рgrab a few drinks and head out to the beach, sit on the sand and just enjoy the chilling sound of waves hitting the beach, the marvelous views of the sea and the Old Town under the summer moonlight and enjoy because this is probably the best beach experience money can buy in Dubrovnik.

Banje Beach never left anyone thinking “so, this was a mistake”. An amazing location near the Old Town, great restaurant & lounge bar and a beach club that promises fun nightlife – all this is inviting you to spend a day or two at Banje Beach.


We can only hope the hard working guys & girls at Banje Beach keep doing what they’re doing best and that is creating a truly amazing beach experience that extends far beyond the “sun & sea” holiday concept.

Author: VIDI Travel Guides Review Team

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